Cookie monster toy. Baumatic range cookers. Snowman cookie cutter

Cookie Monster Toy

cookie monster toy

    cookie monster
  • The Cookie Monster is a short story/novella by Vernor Vinge. It was first published in the October 2003 issue of Dell Magazines' anthology publication Analog, and has subsequently been collected in several science fiction anthology collections. It won the 2004 Hugo Award for Best Novella.

  • He has a love for cookies.

  • Cookie Monster is a fictional Muppet character on the children's television show Sesame Street. He is best known for his voracious appetite and his famous eating phrases: "Me want cookie!", "Me eat cookie!", and "Om nom nom nom" (said through a mouth full of food).

  • a nonfunctional replica of something else (frequently used as a modifier); "a toy stove"

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  • plaything: an artifact designed to be played with

  • An object, esp. a gadget or machine, regarded as providing amusement for an adult

075/365 - Miss Chloe Cookie Monster

075/365 - Miss Chloe Cookie Monster

This is my new friend. He is called cookie monster. He asked me to bake coockies for him. Maybe i will do this...

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster


I bought him for Abby from Build-A-Bear.

cookie monster toy

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Cookies Mix In A Jar

cookies mix in a jar

  • (cookie) any of various small flat sweet cakes (`biscuit' is the British term)

  • (cookie) the cook on a ranch or at a camp

  • A small sweet cake, typically round, flat, and crisp

  • A person of a specified kind

  • A packet of data sent by an Internet server to a browser, which is returned by the browser each time it subsequently accesses the same server, used to identify the user or track their access to the server

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    mix in
  • mix: add as an additional element or part; "mix water into the drink"

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  • A mix-in is a term used to describe a dessert made of ice cream and another flavoring such as candy. Mix-in desserts are traditionally sold in an ice cream parlor and are made at the time of ordering.

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Cookie Mix in a Jar - after

Cookie Mix in a Jar - after

Well, I missed the deadline for the contest... (I am truly last minute!) but wanted to submit it to the pool anyway, since it's after 2am here and I worked on it! haha. My few stamping opportunities...

Anyway, I like to make Cookie Mixes in a Jar because they're easy to do in assembly line fashion if you have to do many. I also like to include samples of the cookies so the recipient can have some immediate enjoyment!

The original penguin stamp is holding a popsicle, but I replaced it with a partially eaten cookie for fun. I just put lace around the lid so it doesn't block the chocolate chips. You can use M&Ms or any other chips as you desire. The cookies are in a regular ziploc bag, stapled above the seal so it doesn't compromise the freshness. Thanks for looking!

Antique Mixing Bowl

Antique Mixing Bowl

I found this at a garage sale in the early 90's and paid only $1.75 for it! I loved the design. Later on, I found out it was over 100 years old and worth a great deal more.

Somehow something with so many years of yummie things being made in it, brownies have to taste better when mixed in it, right?!

By the way, the cookie jar in the background is one my mom bought for her mother, when she was a litte girl. I think she was under 10 years old. Cookies taste better in a vintage cookie jar too, right?

cookies mix in a jar

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Hawkins Cooker India

hawkins cooker india

  • English privateer involved in the slave trade; later helped build the fleet that in 1588 defeated the Spanish Armada (1532-1595)

  • Hawkins (dates unknown) was an English amateur cricketer who made 4 known appearances in major cricket matches from 1786 to 1787.

  • Coleman (Randolph) (1904–69), US jazz saxophonist. During the 1920s and 1930s he was influential in making the tenor saxophone popular as a jazz instrument. He played with the Fletcher Henderson band 1923–34

  • United States jazz saxophonist (1904-1969)

  • The Cooker is an album by jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan released on the Blue Note label in 1957. It was recorded on September 29, 1957 and features performances by Morgan, Pepper Adams, Bobby Timmons, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones.

  • a utensil for cooking

  • A kitchen stove, cooking stove, cookstove or cooker is a kitchen appliance designed for the purpose of cooking food. Kitchen stoves rely on the application of direct heat for the cooking process and may also contain an oven, used for baking.

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Hawkins & Harriet

Hawkins & Harriet

Hawkins & Harriet are seven week old puppy we were caring for through the Guilding Eyes Program

The dusty trail to Hawkins.

The dusty trail to Hawkins.

The dusty trail to Hawkins.

hawkins cooker india

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Healthy ceramic cookware. Emeril hard anodized cookware.

Healthy Ceramic Cookware

healthy ceramic cookware

  • cooking utensil: a kitchen utensil made of material that does not melt easily; used for cooking

  • Cookware and bakeware are types of food preparation containers commonly found in the kitchen. Cookware comprises cooking vessels, such as saucepans and frying pans, intended for use on a stove or range cooktop. Bakeware comprises cooking vessels intended for use inside an oven.

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Xtrema Meltdown

Xtrema Meltdown

To demonstrate the resiliency of Xtrema ceramic cookware, a popular aluminum saucepan was placed inside an Xtrema sauce pot. Both saucepans are then heated in a gas furnace to a temperature of 2200° Fahrenheit. The Xtrema sauce pot glows bright red when exposed to this extreme temperature but does not crack or lose its shape. The aluminum saucepan inside the Xtrema sauce pot quickly melts. Once removed from the intense heat, the melted aluminum can be poured from the Xtrema sauce pot. To further show the strength of the Xtrema sauce pot, it is completely immersed in cold water while still red-hot. The melted aluminum saucepan does not stick to the Xtremas Nano-Glaze finish, and is easily removed. Xtrema ceramic cookware can take the heat—can yours?

Covered Saucepan

Covered Saucepan

5.5 Quart Covered Saucepan with 2 Silicone Holders

healthy ceramic cookware

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How To Cook Roast Potatoes In The Oven - How Long To Cook Sirloin Tip Roast - How To Enable Cookies On Vista.

How To Cook Roast Potatoes In The Oven

how to cook roast potatoes in the oven

    roast potatoes
  • (Roast potato) The potato is a starchy, tuberous crop from the perennial Solanum tuberosum of the Solanaceae family (also known as the nightshades). The word potato may refer to the plant itself as well as the edible tuber.

    how to
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  • Overview (total time = 00:29:39), I cover some definitions of lean, its roots in the Toyota Production System, and how resource planning and lean work together.

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blue corn

blue corn

square foot gardening at its best. corn, watermelons, potatoes (and some random palm that used to live in the planter box)

my sister sent me this indian blue corn. looks like it loves france and baby pee and its friends in the box that benji buit because it's waist high, the taters are in flower and so is the creeping crawling watermelon plant that encircles them all.

pattie gave me her may 2007 saveur issue which had me drooling over mexico city (please, let my next assignment be in mexico city) I have been before and absolutely loved. the inside centerfold (food _porn) is this blue corn (!) and opposite is a bowl of purslane and pork soup. as you know, we have plenty of free purslane. so i coulnt help but pick a ton of it yesterday. i know, i know, i said no foraging. but i cant keep my word

a storm is coming, the sky is getting gray, the corn, potatoes and watermelon are about to get watered by nature. and last night when everyone was in bed, i made 8 zucchini and honey breads and stuck in a big dutch oven of pig foot (you know that would be the real mexican recipe not pork spare ribs) leftover pork roast, left over chipotli chilis (using up the fridge) onions, a whole head of garlic and a chicken carcass and let it all cook for two hours while i baked, it baked too in the oven.

today i will heat up the soup, strain out the undesirable bits and stir in the purslane to cook a bit longer. no blue corn tortillas today, but perhaps this fall we will see how the harvest goes.

thank you novella (my sister) and pattie for the inspiration!

Halloween pumpkin soup served in a roasted pumpkin.

Halloween pumpkin soup served in a roasted pumpkin.

Halloween pumpkin soup served in a roasted pumpkin.

Halloween is only days away,
already im doing pumpkin things.

I made some pumpkin soup and wasn't sure how to serve is, decided to see if you could roast a carved pumpkin and serve it in that.

700 chopped pumpkin (the sort good for eating not for carving)
2 medium size potatoes chopped
1 onion chopped
3 carrots chopped
2 ? pints of veg stock
? pink of milk
(brown sugar optional)

Soften the onions in the button on a medium heat in a large heavy bottomed pan.
Add all the vegetables plus the stock and bring to the boil, then simmer for 20 mins
or until all the veg are soft.
Blitz the soup until smooth, pour back into the pan with the milk and lots of nutmeg.
Reheat before tasting and seasoning to your liking, if your pumpkin is a bit insipid it might need sugar or salt and pepper of you prefer.

To serve hollow out a pumpkin, then cut your face design just though the skin.
Cook in a oven on a low heat for 2 hours turn the oven up and cook until the pumpkin is soft inside
cover with foil if you think its beginning to scorch.
Once its cooked, pour your hot soup into the pumpkin and garnish with some roasted pumpkin seeds.

how to cook roast potatoes in the oven

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